wielowymiarowe podróże

I felt the vibration of the sound on a very deep, organic level.

„I was thrilled to be having my first crystal singing bowl session with Julia Magdalena. As an empath and energy-worker myself I was simply curious about the ceremony and even more curious about the influence Alchemy Cacao might have on me. Thanks to Julia Magdalena’s guidance and soothing presence, I was able to relax into the amazing sounds of the bowls pretty fast.

I felt the vibration of the sound on a very deep, organic level. Some of the bowls resonated stronger with me, some not so much, yet the overall experience was unforgettable, soothing and it allowed the journey inward. The effect was positively yet gently increased by the Alchemy Cacao.

I started the ceremony with the remains of the stressful week reverberating in my body and mind, and I left with the most profound sense of peace, tranquillity and increased understanding of self.

Julia Magdalena clearly guided me throughout the session knowing when to stay longer and when to move on. Her presentation was thorough. She radiated peaceful energy, encouragement and confidence. 

The aftereffects lasted for couple of days, and some of them have lingered until much, much later. Unforgettable, profound experience!!!