wielowymiarowe podróże

Julia can build a strong portal.

„I want to share with you my experience of contacting Julia and her bowls. I am grateful for this opportunity and delighted with the whole process. This meeting will remain for a long time in my memory. First of all because Julia creates a great mood. It was the most wonderful experience of feminine energy that has been given to me in recent times. The energies of the place and its people make you feel like in another divine world. I had the honor of attending a cocoa drinking ceremony and getting to know the Goddess who now has special favors for me. Cocoa has allowed me to connect with a mystical bridge with a spiritual dimension – it is enough that I only remember our meeting and immediately I feel chills and pleasant warmth appears in my whole body. 

Julia can build a strong portal, thanks to which traveling beyond time and space becomes possible. I personally checked. During the ritual I could relax and visit other dimensions and other realities. The bowls concert moved me to other incarnations and allowed me to look at those events again, this time from a different perspective. I experienced cleansing. Cleanliness and Light. Power and Love. Cells throughout my body reacted as if I was at the best spa treatment. Each bowl sang a marvelous song for me. Each of them also touched my soul in my own way. A real bath in the sounds … I did not want to come back to this reality. Thank you, Julia! „